Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser

The Petop paper towel dispenser range

Imagine a world without paper wipes. Nothing to wipe the mustard off your fingers that oozed out of your voluptuous sandwich, nothing to soak the tea stain off your tie, nothing to wipe the layer of sweat and dust off your face at the end of a busy day, ridiculously killing your time by waving your hand beneath the hand dryer every time you enter the restroom, and all the hassle because there is simply no alternative, simply because paper wipes do not exist. A world without paper wipes is an alarmingly tricky and time expensive world to live in. The easy availability of paper wipes often blind us to the criticality of its importance. In the present society paper wipes comprise the very foundation of hygiene and sanitation. We at Petop Hotel Supply, bearing in mind the vitality to the existence of paper wipes, design dispensers that act as a cradle of security to the paper.

Features of our products 

Without dispensers the usage of paper would be disheveled and be an extraordinary contradiction to the concept of time efficiency. Our paper dispensers, with a flourishing dust proof and water proof engineering, cater maximum preservation. Universality is yet another aspect crediting our product, the design of our dispensers has been engineered such that all sizes of paper rolls can be holstered. Our user friendly easy to install, maintain and reload paper dispensers are made of sturdy material with a fashionable finish, qualities that will buy a spot on your wall for a decently long period. 

Why choose us

With an advanced design our dispensers smoothly lend a hand of hospitality to our guests and clients with an uninterrupted roll out of paper wipes, a roll out that never jams but always gushes. Like the uninterrupted flow of our paper dispensers our goodwill with our clientele has also been uninterrupted which has led us to build a foundation of over 10 years in the hospitality industry. 

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