Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is helpful for health care workers or any other persons to minimize exposure to hazards or get infected.

All personal protective equipment should be safely designed and constructed, and fit comfortably, encouraging worker use.

Shop through a wide selection of personal protective equipment at Petop Hotel Supply, disposable coverall, disposable isolation gowns, disposable lab coat, disposable cap, disposable shoe cover and boot cover are available for options to protect healthcare workers. Make inquiry now and get fast shipment.

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Non-woven Disposable Beard Cover

Non-woven Disposable Beard Covermaterial: PPsize: 21"color: white / blue ..

Disposable Nylon Mesh Cap

Wholesale Disposable Nylon Mesh Capmaterial: nylonsize: 21"color option: black / white / blue ..

Disposable Non-woven Sleeves for Household Restaurant Kitchen

Disposable Non-woven Sleeves for Household Restaurant Kitchenmaterial: non-woven fabriccolor: blue / whitesize: 20*40CM ..

PVC Waterproof Disposable Sleeve

PVC Waterproof Disposable Sleevematerial: PVClength: 39cmcolor option: black / clearsoft and comforablewaterproof and anti-oildurable and alkali ..

Non-slip Disposable Shoe Cover

Non-slip Disposable Shoe Covermaterial: 35gsm Non-woven fabricsize: 15*40CMcolor: blue or other colors can be customized ..

Wearproof Non-slip Disposable Shoe Cover

Wearproof Non-slip Disposable Shoe Covermaterial: non-woven fabricsize: adult and children option available ..


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