About Us

Petop Industrial Co.,Ltd, the world's leading hotel supplier, was established in Hong Kong in 2006 and fully owns Joshua Supply Chain Management Company in Shenzhen, China.


Petop is committed to developing innovative and customized hotel amenities, suitable for the unique needs of each hotel, making our products ideal match the look and feel of all size hotels.

Petop owns 5 brands, 3 hotel toiletries brands, classic ALLY ZHENG, eco-friendly GBGE (Green Bath Green Earth) and botanical HERB TRENDS, textile brand JOSHUA, and hotel equipment brand PHE. 


With a team of dedicated designer, manufacturing experts, solution specialists, Petop has accumulated know-how in manufacturing process, we supervise each manufacturing process, control the quality and save costs to make sure our customers get the most competitive advantage from us. 

Working closely with shipping companies to provide global logistics service, we ship to major ports in the world, Our wholly owned Joshua supply chain management company ensures seamless delivery to all customers.


Since 2006, our hotel amenities have been dispatched to many famous hotels around the world in about 50 countries, and have received praise and trust from customers.