High quality comforter do add an element of luxury to your hotel's room. From our online hotel bedding store, you can easily purchase comforters made from excellent quality materials, and they can turn your regular suites into a luxurious ones.

Create a powerful impression with our wholesale hotel comforters

The fabric used in our bedding comforters comprise of 100 percent cotton, with impressive thread count. Use of supreme quality goose feathers adds more amount of aesthetic appeal to the comforters we deal in. 

Customized Comforter for Hotels and Resorts

Petop Hotel Supply has served many hotels and resorts world-wide. You can contact us to customize your hotel comforter with different options in terms of thread count, size, designs, and fill power. So, browse through the options and place your order right away! 

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Down Feather Mattress Comforter

100% Nature Duck Feather Mattress ComforterFabric material: 100% cottonFiller: 100% duck down feather Thickness: 1500gsm 5cm hightFeature: 2-4 cm..

Feather Fabric Comforter

Feather Fabric ComforterFabric material: 100% cotton 40*40SFiller: 100% super thin down feather, 900gsmFeature: better moisture transfer, less clumpin..

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