If you want to provide your hotel guests a dining experience that can bring a smile on their face, then you should never compromise with the quality of table linens for your hotel. Among the various elements of F&B linen, napkin is often the overlooked ones. However, the best hotels pay a lot of attention to the fine details of dining. So, why not make your guests feel happy by offering everything perfect from the beginning right till the end? From Petop Hotel Supply you can purchase high quality napkins that are made to last really long.

Offering the best napkins in the market

With the passage of time, our company has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable suppliers of hotel table linens. We have been able to earn this position by offering genuine quality products at the most competitive rates. The napkins we have in our assortment are from one of the most widely popular brands in this business. Well, the brand we are talking about is none other than Joshua. The napkins from this brand comprise of 100 percent cotton. The shrinkage rate of these napkins is even less than 5 percent! Plus, the fabric is absolutely soft and gentle on the skin.

Options you can choose from

At Petop Hotel Supply, you can pick from two different options, which are- regular cotton napkins and satin weave cotton napkins. However, both of them feature use of 100 percent cotton. In every package, you will get 500 napkins, and there are five size options to choose from. The options are- 13x13cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, and 50x50cm. So, browse through our list of offerings and choose the one that best suits the requirements of your hotel. Coming to the price aspect, you will never get a chance to complain about it. 

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Cotton Napkin 500pcs pack

Cotton Napkin 500pcs packMaterial: 100% cotton,statin weaveThread count: 42S/2X21S/1,103X95Color: bleachShrinkage rate: within 5%Size: 50X50cm..

Quality Cotton Dish Towels for Hotels Restaurants

Quality Cotton Dish Towels for Hotels RestaurantsMaterial: 100% cottonSize: 35x50cm / 50x70cm / 50x75cmWeight: 38g / 72gColor: red / purple / pink / ..

Statin Weave100 Percent Cotton Napkin 500pcs pack

Statin Weave100 Percent Cotton Napkin 500pcs packMaterial: 100% cotton,statin weaveThread count: 32'2s x 32'2s 90 x 60Color: bleachSize: 13X13/20..


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