Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Hotel Toilet Paper

Wide selection including 
toilet tissue roll, paper towels etc. These are made from one up to three plies and in a variety of qualities, sizes, folds, colors and patterns depending on intended use, such as used for guestroom, bathroom, restaurant and restroom. Widely used for hotel bathroom.

Wholesale Toilet Paper for Hotels and Resorts

The composition of raw materials varies a lot from 100% natural pulp depending on quality, we offer wholesale prices based on the different quality and customized logo by printing or hot stamping. Find more quality hotel bathroom accessories online for your hotels.

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3 Layers Wood Pulp Toilet Paper for Hotels

3 Layers Wood Pulp Toilet Paper for Hotels Wholesale Factory PriceQuality 3-layer toilet roll made of 100% wood pulp for hotels and homesMaterial: 10..


50g Toilet Paper 192pcs pack

50g Toilet Paper Wholesale Factory PriceWeight:50gsize: Φ6.5*10(H)cm..


60g Toilet Paper 192pcs pack

60g Toilet Paper Wholesale Factory PriceWeight:60gsize: Φ7*10(H)cm..


70g Toilet Paper 168pcs pack

Wholesale Factory Price 70g Toilet Paper(168pcs/ctn)  Weight:70gsize: Φ7.5*10(H)cm..


80g Toilet Paper 168pcs pack

Factory price direct sell 80g Toilet Paper(168pcs/ctn)  Weight:80gsize: Φ7.8*10(H)cm..


100g Toilet Paper 80pcs pack

100g Toilet Paper(80pcs/ctn)  Hotel Door DeliveryWeight: 100gsize: Φ8.5*10(H)cm   ..


130g Toilet Paper 80pcs pack

Wholesale Factory Price 130g Toilet Paper(80pcs/ctn)  Weight:130gsize: Φ9.5*10(H)cm..


600g Roll Toilet Paper 12pcs pack

Wholesale hotel door delivery 600g Roll toilet paper(12pcs/ctn)weight:600gSize:20.5*9cm*880 3 layersMaterial: wood pulpPacking:12pcs/carton 0.06c..


700g Roll Toilet Paper 12pcs pack

700g Roll toilet paper Wholesale Factory Priceweight:700gSize:21.5*9cm*950 3 layersMaterial: wood pulpPacking:12pcs/carton 0.06cbm, 9kgs..


730g Roll Toilet Paper 12pcs pack

Wholesale Factory Price Hotel Door Delivery 730g Roll toilet paper(12pcs/ctn)weight:730gSize:21.8*9cm*1065 3 layersMaterial: wood pulpPacking:12p..


800g Roll Toilet Paper 12pcs pack

Wholesale Door Delivery 800g Roll toilet paper(12pcs/ctn)weight:800gSize:22.5*9cm*1280 3 layersMaterial: wood pulpPacking:12pcs/carton 0.06c..


Golden Napkin Box 20pcs pack

Wholesale Factory Price Golden napkin box (20pcs pack)Size: 255*140*113MMMaterial: 6+2mm thick acrylIt have 2 small drawer in front Packing: 20pc..


Soft Roll Type Toilet Paper 24 roll pack

Soft Roll Type Toilet Paper 24 roll pack Wholesale Hotel Door Deliverymaterial: 100% raw woodheight:230mmlayer:2 layers with stamping pattpernweight: ..