Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins are an easy and convenient way to clean up spills or decorate a table, they are a necessity, no matter what kind of food service operation you're running. These affordable table linens supplies can be folded into beautiful designs to make customer impressed with your brand, print luxury, stylish designs, or embossed simple logo are available. Whether you need bulk-packed dispenser napkins or some of our multicolored beverage napkins, we can offer a variety of solution to make your information stand out.

Wholesale Paper Napkins

Recyclable, disposable, elegant, soft and strong with a cloth-like texture, wholesale paper napkins with customized logo available.

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Wholesale Paper NapkinsPaper NapkinMaterial: 100% wood pulpLogo: print or stamping..

Quality Wood Pulp Kitchen Paper Towel

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Large Paper Napkin

Wholesale Paper NapkinsMaterial: 100% wood pulpFeaturesLarge size disposable napkins with the look and feel of linen, luxury dining with no ..

Paper Napkin

Wholesale Paper NapkinsPaper NapkinMaterial: 100% wood pulpLogo: print or stamping..

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