ALLY ZHENG Cobalt Blue Luxury Hotel Amenity Set

ALLY ZHENG Cobalt Blue Luxury Hotel Amenity Set

ALLY ZHENG Cobalt Blue Luxury Hotel Amenity Set

ALLYZHENG is a hotel toiletries brand mildly formulated with green tea extracts, rich and thick textures enhance the luxury feeling. It is applied to various hotels in modern, concise and classic styles, ideal for budget hotels, bouquet hotels and star hotels.

Product Features:

Body Lotion: Enriched with almond oil and organic green tea extract, it's rich, thick textures helps to moisturize, nourish and soften the skin, leaving it delicately fragranced.

Shampoo: Enriched with organic green tea extract, this shampoo gently cleanses hair while being gentle on the scalp. It leaves hair fresh and pleasantly perfumed with green tea fragrance.

Conditioner: This conditioner immediately smoothes and detangles hair. Enriched with organic green tea extract, its ultra-light formula restores vitality and shine to hair. It leaves hair light, fresh and pleasantly perfumed with a grean tea scent.

Shower Gel:This shower gel leaves a fresh sensation on the skin. Thanks to the blend of green tea extract, it leaves skin clean, and pleasant green tea scent.  


Paraben free

Petrolatum free

Mineral oil free

SLS free

Color agents free

Cruelty free-Never tested on animals

Shelf Life 2 years
Packaging and Accessories
Packaging Water-proof cardboard box
Inside Accessories 10gm Colgate toothpaste,Shick Extrem 3 Razor, 8ml Schick Shaving Cream, 60gm hand made natural bamboo soap, foldable hair brush

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Available Options

Available Options

Item Product Name Description Packing Qty Unit Price 1000-3999 4000-9999 10000-29999 30000-more Qty Buy
Shampoo 60ml 200pcs ¥6.79 ¥6.45 ¥6.13 ¥5.82
Body Lotion 60ml 200pcs ¥6.79 ¥6.45 ¥6.13 ¥5.82
Body Wash 60ml 200pcs ¥6.79 ¥6.45 ¥6.13 ¥5.82
Conditioner 60ml 200pcs ¥6.79 ¥6.45 ¥6.13 ¥5.82
Natural Bamboo Soap 60g 200pcs ¥13.22 ¥12.56 ¥11.93 ¥11.33
Bath Bomb 150g 50pcs ¥19.33 ¥18.37 ¥17.45 ¥16.58
Bath Salts 50g 200pcs ¥5.38 ¥5.11 ¥4.86 ¥4.61
Mouth Wash 50ml 100pcs ¥4.01 ¥3.81 ¥3.62 ¥3.44
Shower Cap PVC shower cap 600pcs ¥5.49 ¥5.21 ¥4.95 ¥4.70
Hair Brush Foldable 20cm 600pcs ¥4.18 ¥3.97 ¥3.77 ¥3.58
Dental Kit With 10g Colgate toothpaste 400pcs ¥7.48 ¥7.10 ¥6.75 ¥6.41
Shaving Kit SCHICK EXTREM 3 razor with 8ml Schick shaving cream 400pcs ¥32.81 ¥31.17 ¥29.61 ¥28.13
Vanity Kit 4 cotton buds+1 fine nail file 14.5cm +2 cotton pads + 2pcs cotton balls 600pcs ¥1.98 ¥1.88 ¥1.78 ¥1.69
Sewing Kit 6 color pre-threads needles 2 plastic buttons, 1 safety pin 800pcs ¥3.26 ¥3.10 ¥2.94 ¥2.80
Shoe Mitt hand shape cotton cloth 600pcs ¥2.29 ¥2.17 ¥2.07 ¥1.96
Natural Loofah 10*14.5cm 400pcs ¥11.50 ¥10.92 ¥10.37 ¥9.86

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