Star Hotel Beige and Brown Marble Grain PU Leather Set

Star Hotel Beige and Brown Marble Grain PU Leather Set

Star Hotel Beige and Brown Marble Grain PU Leather Set


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Full range, Good quality and Competitive price, pls feel free to contact us for customization!

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Available Options

Item Product Name Description Unit Price 100-149pcs 150-more Qty Buy
Tray 380*280*40mm ¥64.16 ¥61.78
Tea Box 160*80*65mm ¥53.10 ¥51.20
Stationary Box 265*105*30mm ¥67.07 ¥64.58
Shoe Box 360*280*60mm ¥91.86 ¥88.45
Square Tissue Box 130*130*150mm ¥48.70 ¥46.93
Service Directory Holder 240*320 ¥48.70 ¥46.93
Remote Control Holder 100*80*80*170mm ¥39.91 ¥36.51
Remote Control Holder 240*105mm ¥38.50 ¥37.10
Rectangular Tissue Box 240*125*70mm ¥48.70 ¥46.93
Memo Pad 140*160*15mm ¥32.62 ¥31.50
Ice Bucket 150*155mm ¥71.45 ¥70.80
Dustbin 330*180*180mm ¥91.00 ¥88.46
Consummable Box 250*190*80mm ¥97.69 ¥94.07
Alarm Clock ¥82.19 ¥79.22
Bill Holder 240*140mm ¥38.50 ¥37.10
Coated ¥67.07 ¥64.58

Tags: quality, handmade, fine sewing, durable

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We are very pleased with the customized products, quality assurance and on time delivery to our resort. They not only create additional savings but also add value to the guest experience. Great partner to us!
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