Bar Cart

Bar Cart

Wholesale Bar Cart for Hotel

Bar cart is ideal for breakfast, coffee or snack service, perfect for use in hotels and resorts, conference centers and meeting rooms. Use top counter to hold Beverage Server, organizer bins or display trays with covers to store drink-ware, additional food items or other supplies in open compartment. 

Customized Hotel Bar Cart

Show off the variety of selection to your customers at their table, counter space on top provides room for opening bottles and pouring, usually, they are made by Iron, Wood, Stainless Steel, some of parts can be folded and adjustable, very easy to assemble. We offer variety 
Service Carts at wholesale price. Find more hotel equipment products in our online store.

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Titanium Beverage Service Cart

Titanium Beverage Service Cart 1PC Hotel Door DeliverySize: (L)1080X(W)680X(H)920mmNo logo availablePackage: 1 piece per carton..

Dual Layers Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack

Dual Layers Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack hotel door deliverySize: 580*390*740mmCustomized logo is not availablePackage: 1 piece of ..

European Classic Quality Titanium Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack

European Classic Quality factory price Titanium Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack door deliveryMaterial: titaniumSize: 850(L)*400(W)*980mm(H)No custom l..

Quality Round Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack

Quality Round Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack hotel door deliveryMaterial: stainless steelSize: 400*720mmCustom logo unavailable..

Three Layers Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc pack

Door Delivery Three Layers Stainless Steel Beverage Service Cart 1pc packSmall size: 580*390*740mmMedium size: 850*450*900mmLarge size: 950*500*950mmc..

Wine and Liquor Trolley 1pcs pack

Wine and Liquor Trolley  1pcs pack hotel door deliverySize:462*400*792HmmMaterial: stainless steel & wood, 4 wheels..

3 layers Wine and liquor trolley 1pc pack

3 Layers Wine and liquor trolley 1pc hotel door deliveryThree layer round trays with frame mixed φ25mm S/S tube and wood frame in Olive ash ..

Double Layer Wine and Liquor Trolley 1pc pack

Wine and liquor trolley 1pc door delivery factory priceTwo layer round trays with 4pcs φ32mm S/S frame to hold, in Olive ash finish to hold,..

Room service trolley 1pc pack

Room service trolley 1pcs pack hotel door delivery wholesale TRI-FOLD, 4" swivel wheels(2 with brake), black walnut colour(YB220#) MDF table topSIZE:1..

Ice Plate Refrigerated Truck 1pc pack

Ice Plate Refrigerated Truck 1pcs pack hotel door deliveryWith gradual change LED light,10pcs φ50 tube form to X shape frame to hold the Man-made ston..


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