Lobby Janitorial Equipment

Lobby Janitorial Equipment

The image or reputation of your hotel depends a lot on a lot of things; from the service quality to the quality of lobby and janitorial equipments your hotel has. Some hotels focuses only on the décor of their rooms; while, they do not spend on the lobby and janitorial equipments, such as wine and liquor trolley, baggage trolley, magazine stand, umbrella rack, etc. These small and regular equipments do matter a lot in determining what kind of image your guests are building inside their mind. This is the reason why we are here to help you with the best quality equipments at the most affordable prices.

What kind of lobby and janitorial equipments we provide?

Each and every item showcased on our website is helpful in making your hotel more functional and modern too. These equipments are aimed at enhancing the accommodation experience of your hotel guests; at the same time, these equipments can also simplify the day-to-day tasks of your hotel employees. The high quality baggage trolley we have is not only compact in size, but quite durable too. We have different types and designs of luggage cart, and your hotel employees can use them as per the number of bags they need to carry. In addition, you can also take a look at our stainless steel rubbish bin, glass frame indication sign, stainless steel apple luggage cart, etc. 

Quality and best price thoroughly guaranteed

When it comes to ensuring quality, we at Petop Hotel Supply do not leave any stone unturned. The lobby and janitorial equipments we supply to our clients from the hospitality industry are manufactured by Petop Industrial Co. Ltd. We have kept the price of each and every item absolutely reasonable, so that you can place bulk orders without any hassle. So, take a look at our collection right now!

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3 Layers Stainless Steel Housekeeping Cart

3 Layers Stainless Steel Housekeeping CartMaterial: Stainless Steel Size: 1355x450x1170mmAccessories: Two canvas pockets on sidesHigh temperature..


3 layers Wine and liquor trolley 1pc pack

3 Layers Wine and liquor trolleyThree layer round trays with frame mixed φ25mm S/S tube and wood frame in Olive ash finish to hold, two..


4 Layers Brushed Stainless Steel Housekeeping Cart with Two Pockets 1pc pack

4 Layers Brushed Stainless Steel Housekeeping Cart with Two Pockets 1pc packMaterial: Brushed Stainless Steel Size: 1400*460*1235mmCustomized colors a..


Ash Bin with Glass Tray 1pc pack

Ash bin with glass traySize:360*310*750HPacking: 1pc/ctn..


Bake Paint Iron Housekeeping Cart with Double Canvas Bag 1pc pack

Bake Paint Iron Housekeeping cart with double canvas bag 1pc packSteel powder coated with amenity drawer ,fixed handle with two linen bags (2*TH7815F)..


Beaf Wagon 1pc pack

Beaf wagonTwo layer base, with two trays, 4" wheels in grey on the bottom, one pot with stainless steel cover on the top, the base and frame pain..


Bell Boy Trolley with 8 inch Black Rubber Wheels 1pc pack

Bell Boy Trolley with 8" black rubber wheelsφ25 304# titanium plated s/s, with 8" black rubber wheels,red carpetSize:700*560*1200HmmCode:91.2002Code:9..


Black Finish Ash Bins 1pc pack

Black finish Ash bins Size: 340 * 340 * 830H Packing: 1pc/ctn ..


Brushed 201 Stainless Steel Rubbish Bin 1pc pack

Brushed 201 Stainless Steel Rubbish bin (1pc/ctn) Material: 1mm thickness brushed #201 stainless steel body with galvanized inner, opening on the top..


Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Luggage Cart 1pc pack

Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Luggage Cart 1mm thickness Φ50mm brushed 304 S/S tube frame to hold, iron base with rubber a..


Brushed Stainless Steel Indoor Dustbin 1pc pack

Brushed stainess steel Indoor dustbin 1mm thickness Brushed s/s body, opening on the top with coverSize: φ305*680(H)mmPacking: 1pc/ctn, 0.08cbm..


Classic Bell Boy Trolley with 8 inch Rubber Wheels 2pcs pack

Classic Bell Boy Trolley with 8 inch Rubber Wheelsφ25 Titanium finish steel pipe with 8" rubber wheels, red carpetSize:740*600*1200mm1.) Cod..


Cone Laundry Cart 1pc pack

Cone Laundry Cart 1pc packMaterial: Glass SteelSize: Small: 840*575*770mm, Large:940*670*850mmCustomized colors are availablePackage: each pack in car..


Deluxe Environmental Bin 1pc pack

Deluxe Environmental Bin  Titanium base, 1mm thickness cold rolled steel wrapping PU leather in Egyptian style, with opening on the side, ti..


Deluxe Folding Rollaway Bed 1pc pack

Deluxe Folding rollaway bed25m*25mm iron tube frame with 28mm thickness board, folding mattress and 3" wheelsSize:1950*920*530HPacking: 1pc/ctn, 0.36c..


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