Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

Wholesale Hotel Shaving Kit

Petop Hotel Supply is the agent and wholesaler of following shaving razor brands.

Gillette, Schick, Apeche and Doroco.

Also, there are various domestic brands of shavers are available for option.

Shaving Kit Package

* cardboard box: different material and thickness of cardboard boxes are available for packing. Customized hotel logo could be printed on the box.

* bag: packed into various material of bags, hotel logo could be printed.

Shaving razor and cream could be custom-made for different hotel level, with different price available. Your inquiry is welcome, hotel logo could be printed on package, and provide style design to match your hotel.

Welcome OEM, ODM project! Various styles, high quality hotel amenities, Wholesalee price, no worries!

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ALLY ZHENG Classic Shaving kit 400pcs pack

ALLY ZHENG Classic Shaving kitDouble razor Schick razor with black handle  10ml Schick shaving cream Pack in white cardboard boxPacking:400p..


ALLY ZHENG Cobalt Blue Shaving kit 400pcs pack

ALLY ZHENG Cobalt Blue Wholesale Hotel Shaving KitSCHICK EXTREM 3 razor with blue handle  10ml Schick shaving cream Pack in white cardboard ..


GBGE Business Black Shaving kit 400pcs pack

GBGE Business Black Shaving kitSchick razor with black handle with 10g shaving cream ,packed in black cardboard boxPacking: 400pcs/carton. Approx.11kg..


GBGE classic Shaving kit 800pcs pack

GBGE classic Shaving kit with 10g Schick shaving creamSchick double razor with 10g Schick shaving cream, packed in frosty CPE bagPacking: 200pcs/inner..


GBGE ECO Shaving kit 400pcs pack

Shaving kitGBGE ​Shaving kitBiodegradable double blazes razor with 10g shaving cream,Packing in recyclable kraft carton boxPacking: 125pcs/inner,..


GBGE fresh Turtle Shaving kit 400pcs pack

GBGE fresh Turtle Shaving kitSchick razor with double blazes, white handle, 10gm Schick shaving creampack in woodfree carton boxPacking:125pcs/in..


Herb Trends Botanic Shaving kit 400pcs pack

Herb Trends Botanic Hotel Shaving kitDouble blazes Shick razor,  Flexible head Blue handle with 8gm Schick shaving cream Packing:400p..


Gillette Twin Comfort Blades Shaving Care

Gillette Twin Gillette Comfort Blades Shaving careBrand:Gillette       Type of cleaning: Water-wash       Colo..