Consolidate Shipping is a one stop hotel supplier offers various hotel amenities products to fulfill increasing demand of hotel supply. Consolidated shipping helps optimize supply chain logistics by saving time and reducing cost.

Hoteliers purchased quality hotel supplies from together, and Petop will consolidate all orders into one single shipment to deliver to hotels.

Benefits of consolidated shipping

Cost efficient: lower shipping freight is benefited from consolidation. If hotelier only uses half or two-thirds of a container, you will typically still have to pay for the entire space.  If you order different hotel supply products from us, we can arrange the shipment into one full container shipment, while only paying for the space that their freight takes up.

Reduced damage risk: even with all the advancements in freight shipping, damage is still a lingering issue. Your orders of hotel amenities will be loaded into one full container with solid position for safe transportation. No more damage risk.

Improved quality control: another benefit of consolidation is that it allows you to take control of your goods sooner. Petop will inspec all orders on behalf of hotels & resorts 

when they purchase hotel supplies from us. Consolidation allows you to perform quality control measures as soon as the product reaches the warehouse, and save much time and control due to unforeseen problems with your order.