A Change for the Better Hotel Bathroom Amenity

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A Change for the Better Hotel Bathroom Amenity



According to a statistics that 95% of hotel in-room plastic bath amenities are abandoned in landfill. And each year, a large amount of plastic rubbish have washed up on the beach, and killed great amount of ocean animals.


Let's say it, there have to be a change for the hotel toiletries, to strive for better alternative to plastic travel-size bath toiletries. How to make a change? For many travellers survey reports, to be honestly speaking, guests still concern about the cleanness and safety of the liquids they use in the bathroom. Yeah, 100% sure that a wall-mounted liquid dispenser is environmental-friendly and produce less waste, however, what if someone pour something bad into the shampoo and body wash, what supposed to do?


Travel-size shampoo and body wash is not the fault, but plastic-free is what hoteliers should focus more. Herb Trends Hotel Amenity Line is not just natural, but also sustainable and eco-friendly for hotels.


Biodegradable addict adding to recycled plastic amenity bottles or tubes improves a lot for eco-friendly hotels. The abandoned shampoo and body wash bottles or tubes can be composed in landfill for months. It's sustainable and environmental-friendly to our planet.



Herb Trends is enriched with plant-based formula, the Chinese traditional herbal extracts, organically Ligusticum Chuangxiong and Angelica, that marvelously nourishing and moisturizing your hair and skin. SLS free, Paraben free, and Mineral oil free ensures your hair and skin safe and not dry.


Herb Trends natural hotel amenity line is fragrance with vanilla honey, this sweet scent has been shown to have a strong effect on mood. Vanilla honey scent makes you feel uplifted, relaxed, warm and comforting.


Herb Trends natural hotel line presentation has shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body wash, soap, basically fulfil the hotel bath amenity demand for guests.


Let's make positive change and doing the right thing to protect our planet, pay attention to sustainable and natural hotel toiletries. Small change makes big improvement.

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