How To Custom Your Hotel Slippers

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How To Custom Your Hotel Slippers


Maybe you start your hotel slippers business, or you're the staff sourcing slippers for your hotel, would you know how to efficiently send us the query to custom hotel slippers? Checking following steps would help you custom slippers at best cost.

1. Select pattern style for hotel slippers


Hotel disposable slippers are made up of fabric upper and sole. There are many different models for option. For hotel slipper models, you can check below details to know better about it.

Regarding the slipper pattern types, as you can see above picture, hotel disposable slippers are available in open toe, closed toe, pointed toe, platform, fastening tape and flip flops etc. And the sole can be both feet type and left & right feet type. Generally, hotels prefer to purchase a left & right feet type of slippers, as guests find them comfortable and fits their feet better.


2. Choose slippers material from various options

Referring to a slipper upper material, there are many options that you can choose. Cotton terry, velvet, linen, towel, waffle, coral plush and non-woven fabrics etc are the most common models for slippers. Depending on your hotel budget, you can choose a very cost-effective and high-quality slipper for your guests. Non-woven and polyester slippers, terry cloth slippers are commonly used in economic hotels, and velvet slippers, cotton terry slippers, linen and waffle slippers are pretty often used in star hotels.


3. Many different slipper soles for selection

Slipper sole is a very important key factor on price. In general, EVA sole is more widely used. And now, with the development of eco-friendly environment concept, a new environmental friendly IXPE slipper sole comes into market, attractive to green hotels and resorts. These anti slip soles can be made in different patterns, diamond, leaves, water ripple, strip and doted fabric and so on. There's little difference on cost.


EVA sole thickness can be customized to meet your hotel need, usually 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm are available for your option. And the sponge on slipper also can be personalized up to 10mm thickness to make slippers comfortable and soft to guests.


4.Custom slipper logo workmanship

A slipper with hotel logo is a briliant promotion idea to enhance your reputation and upgrade hotel service. A logo can be silk-screen Pantone printing, hot-transfer printing, embroidery and sewing labeling etc. Emrboidery logo is most popular for cotton terry slipper, velvet slipper, towel slippers and waffle slippers, which make slippers look high-end and neat in colored threads.


5.Hotel slippers packages option


Buying hotel slippers bulk at one shipment can help save cost for shipping. And packages for slippers can be carton box and woven bag for your choice. Woven bag packing is available to pack more slippers than carton box that would save shipping volume and cost.


6.Custom hotel slippers quantity


When you custom hotel slippers, clarifying the quantity you need can be much more helpful for us to calculate accurate costs for you, not only slippers price, but also shipping freight is available for your understanding the total cost.


7.Choose delivery ways


When you order customized hotel slippers, you can clarify if you want us to do delivery for you. It's flexible for us to quote you factory price or door delivery price to your hotel. And international shipment, depending on the packages volume, we recommend air shipment and sea shipment for your option.


From above steps, you can well understand how to communicate with us or send us queies regarding the customized hotel slippers, and if you would like to take a check of our exisiting hotel slippers models, you can refer to this product page.


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