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ECO Friendly Collection

ECO Friendly Collection

 ECO Friendly Products at Petop Hotel Supply

Plastarch Material (PSM) is a biodegradable, thermoplastic resin, made from corn starch designed supplement or even replace conventional petroleum based plastic. With the development of eco friendly concept, more and more pursuit of bio-based and compostable alternatives to traditional plastics, to save much more oil resource.

During processing, PSM products feature waterproof, grease proofing and toxic free, heat-resisting and cold tolerance function, without discharging waste water, waste gas and waste residue. PSM is stable in the atmosphere, but biodegradable in compost, wet soil, fresh water, seawater, and activated sludge where microorganisms exist. It has a softening temperature of 257°F (125°C) and a melting temperature of 313°F (156°C).

Due to how similar PSM is to other plastics, PSM can run on many existing thermoforming and injection molding lines. PSM is ideal for a wide variety of applications including food packaging and utensils, bottles and tubes for hotel shampoo, body lotion and shower gel, plastic bags, sanitary bags, disposable cutlery and ball point pens. 

PSM is made from corn starch, which could be biodegraded completely. Under the circumstance of wetland, plain water and sea water, more than 90% PSM products could be biodegraded into carbon dioxide, water, power source and charcoal in 80 days. Also it could be burned out. And its carbon dioxide emission load is only 10%-20% of that for traditional plastic, which decreases carbon dioxide emission efficiently. It has become a popular alternative of oil, and PSM meets testing standard of EN13432 and ASTM D6400, and achieved Compostable and OK Compost certificates.

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